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Haven’t paid your fine? Threatened with ‘imprisonment’?

You don’t have to be. We’re here to help!

Have you received a summons for imprisonment in default of payment of a fine?

Strafakte mit Gesetzbuch Strafakte mit Gesetzbuch
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You have been sentenced to pay a fine, which you haven’t paid yet? If that’s the case, the Department of Public Prosecution must summon you to ‘the commencement of a prison sentence’. In that case, the ‘financial penalty’ now becomes a custodial penalty. Perhaps you have even already received such a summons.

If you do not begin the ‘prison sentence’ voluntarily, a warrant will be issued after a few days, and the police will arrest you – at your place of work, at home, or wherever you may be – and take you to a correctional facility.

How to avoid the prison sentence

You can avoid all this by

  • paying the fine in full or
  • agreeing to payment in instalments or
  • doing work instead!

Where do I find help?

Don’t stand by and do nothing, take action. For further information contact:

Competence Centre of Justice for Post-Release Social Reintegration and Victim Support

Land Saarland
Kompetenzzentrum der Justiz für ambulante Resozialisierung und Opferhilfe (KARO)

Talstraße 21
66119 Saarbrücken

Association for the advancement of probation and juvenile court assistance in Saarland

Verein zur Förderung der Bewährungs- und Jugendgerichtshilfe im Saarland e.V.

Knappschaftsplatz 3
66111 Saarbrücken

Department of Public Prosecution Saarbrücken

Staatsanwaltschaft Saarbrücken

Zähringerstraße 12
66119 Saarbrücken

Or complete the form accessible below and send or submit it by hand to the Department of Public Prosecution.

Application to pay in instalments

We will support you!