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Work and families

Saarland provides a varied range of job opportunities. There are many well paid jobs in a wide variety of different sectors. What's more, you get more for your money here. The lower cost of living means that people can afford a higher standard of living.

Typical Saarland attributes: openness and reliability

The people of Saarland are not just reliable: they give a very warm welcome to newcomers because they are naturally open-minded. These qualities are also reflected in the state's jobs market. New colleagues are always welcome and they quickly make friends – both during and after work. One of the factors that increases job security is the fact that the number of company insolvencies is declining. According to figures produced by the Federal Statistical Office, these fell for the third year running in 2014.

Integration as an opportunity

In this non-city federal state with Germany's highest proportion of commuters from abroad, integration is a natural process – for generations people here have been accustomed to the immigration of people from neighbouring regions and different cultural backgrounds. This was the case, for instance, more than 40 years ago with the successful integration of over 50,000 Italian migrant workers and their families. Today the Italian community is an integral part of Saarland's identity because being different is viewed as an asset here, and contacts with other cultures are seen as a way of learning from each other.

Good work, fair wages

In Saarland working means working to live – not living to work. Good working conditions with short commutes are combined with good pay and fair wage rates. Exciting jobs with above-average gross wages are waiting to be taken up here. Active social partnership ensures rising pay rates. Even young people with little professional experience find good earning opportunities in Saarland's labour market.

The dream of owning one's own home is achievable here

Earnings are also worth more in Saarland because the cost of living is comparatively low. Rents and house prices are well below the levels seen in other German regions. More residents than elsewhere take advantage of this to achieve their dream of buying their own home: in existing or newly-built residential areas in the state capital or

in rural regions where it is even more affordable for families on a small budget to secure a home close to the city. This is because due to the compact nature of Saarland nowhere is really very far from the state capital or other medium-sized towns such as Homburg, Merzig, Neunkirchen, Saarlouis and St. Wendel.

Having a family fits in well with having a career here

In order to feel comfortable, you don't just need a secure job, you also need the right conditions for family life. That's why the economic sector in Saarland attaches great importance to the compatibility of family, care facilities and careers. In order to promote this, the chamber of commerce and industry, the chambers of handicrafts and the state government have developed the "Family-friendly business" quality label. Many employers have already received an award for the family-friendly working conditions that they provide. This makes Saarland's labour market particularly attractive to women. The "Working and living in Saarland" service agency within the economic development corporation "saarland.innovation&standort" (saaris e.V.) also provides advice on all issues relating to making family life and a career more compatible.