Welcome to the Saarland

Saarland has successfully accomplished an enormous economic transformation which has seen it develop into a high-technology hub over recent years. It's a high-quality location for business which also offers an excellent quality of life – all at much lower costs than other cities and regions.

Flaggen vor der Staatskanzlei
Source: Staatskanzlei Saarland/MN

Saarland imagemovie

Great things can grow from small beginnings – and this is now proven in film: To the tunes of Saarland-born composer Frank Nimsgern, a short film tells the story of how Saarland enables big things to grow from small beginnings. As illustrations serve individual success stories from global players, start-ups, scientists as well as regional art highlights and perfect recreational opportunities. Short personal portraits give witness to success stories ‘made in Saarland’.


Private companies, civil administration bodies, organisations and the public are invited to make use of the unedited film: on their websites, while visiting clients or at trade shows – thus promoting Saarland as a great place to work and live. Pictures say more than words: special value can be added to job interviews to convince candidates of Saarland as a potential new place of residence.