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The Saarland

The Saarland

Welcome to Saarland

Saarland has successfully accomplished an enormous economic transformation which has seen it develop into a high-technology hub over recent years. It's a high-quality location for business which also offers an excellent quality of life – all at much lower costs than other cities and regions.

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Particularly for mobile skilled workers and managerial staff but also for young families, Saarland is a region with ideal conditions for settling down and pursuing a career. The small state of Saarland, which many people rightly call the most European of all Germany's federal states, is producing great achievements and successes in many areas: strong brands like Villeroy & Boch, scientific excellence in areas such as information and communication technology, cultural highlights like the Max Ophüls Prize Film Festival for up-and-coming German film-makers, and a wealth of top class gastronomy – just a few examples showing that if you take an interest in Saarland you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Anyone who's ever been here will appreciate the area's natural beauty and the openness of the people in Saarland. And anyone who stays here knows that it's simply a great place to live and work. See how big things develop from small beginnings right across Saarland – it's something that’s well worth doing. And in addition you'll find more information about Saarland's history, administration and government here.



Saarland in figures

Federal state since:    
1st January 1957

Area: 2,569.69 km²

Highest mountain:  
695m (Dollberg in Hunsrück)

995,597 (31st December 2015)

Unemployment rate:
6.5% (June 2017)


The state government